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The Gas Safe Charity provides grants and has developed a number of programmes to deliver the grants.  The  current major programmes are:

The Hardship Fund, which gives grants for gas safety work for vulnerable consumers, delivered by local Home Improvement Agencies and managed through the parent body of HIAs, Foundations Independent Living Trust.  During  July 2017 to July 2018, 1,755 vulnerable households were helped through this programme;

Think CO, which organises workshops aimed at trusted intermediaries who visit vulnerable people in their homes.  An e:learning module on gas safety has been developed which will be promoted through employing organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors; and  

Work with Safety Centres in nine urban areas in the UK, which involves children in their last year of primary school visiting Safety Centres to learn about risks and risk management in everyday life.  The Charity's grant enables the Centres to build modules on gas safety and CO awareness into their facilities. 


The Charity's objects are to promote and support gas safety in order to advance health and save lives by providing education in relation to gas safety and by promoting any purpose that is charitable according to the laws of England and Wales and which furthers gas safety.  It has fulfilled this object by developing a number of programmes, which are delivered through intermediary organisations and overseen by Trustees. 

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