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Miracle's Mission is a Carlisle based vegan-led animal welfare charity with active projects in the UK, Borneo (Malaysia) and Cairo (Egypt).

We primarily help street animals, both able bodied and disabled as well as running collaborations with overseas shelters.  

Our main focus to date has been on TNR / TNRM (Trap, Neuter, Release / Management) and education programmes.

TNR is the only humane way to reduce the street animal population in the long-term, reducing the amount of animals born on the streets into a life of disease/cruelty/danger. 

In the long-run, TNR will also benefit local shelters who are struggling to cope with the amount of street animals in need of rescuing. 

It is vital that we continue to carry out our TNRM work in Malaysia and  increase our TNR project in Cairo, where street animals are shot and poisoned by order of the government. 

The Egyptian government has agreed to stop the poisoning and shooting of street animals in 2 areas of Cairo, as long as TNR and vaccinating street dogs against rabies is effective. This project is on a MASSIVE scale so we work in collaboration with ESMA, the largest animal shelter in Egypt. 

There are so many disabled dogs, who have met with unspeakable cruelty that largely go untreated at the large shelters as they are constantly struggling for funds just to feed and clean their animals. 

Therefore, we plan to establish the UK's first dedicated Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Animals. A centre that will provide life changing surgeries, doggy wheelchairs, prosthetics, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, daily massage and tens machine stimulation, plus psychological  support until they are ready to be rehomed.


We are constantly fundraising and reaching out to the animal loving and corporate communities.

We are very active on social media; we run charity vegan festivals, and recruit people to raise money by doing 5k/10k runs, bake sales, FB birthday fundraisers etc etc. 

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