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Mira Intelligent Read cic. is a non-for-profit Community Interest Company, established in 2012 as an umbrella for innovative cultural projects. The up and running projects so far are: 1. Publishing House: We believe that the best way to understand a society is via their literature. Thus, to promote international understanding, we translate & publish books for authors from various countries/cultures and make them available for all at affordable price. 2. BookLight.International: Is an unbiased search-engine for books. It’s an efficient platform dedicated for searching books only, in any language worldwide and locate the nearest public library in which the book exists. Users can search for a book by language, genre, date, keyword, ISBN or country to get a specific and shorter list of search result. It also provides live analytics of the book industry worldwide. The main beneficiaries of the system are: librarians, retailers, authors, publishers, students and ordinary readers. The business generates money by: a. Charging publishers (and self-published authors) £1 for entering one book in the search engine. b. Charging publishers 1p per click when the user moves to the publisher's website. c. Annual Subscriptions. d. Selling reports and Statistics.


Our main objective at Mira Intelligent Read is to promote international understanding by translating and publishing literature from different cultures and societies and make the books available and affordable to everybody worldwide. And also by making the best use of the existing technology to achieve our goals. 

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