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  • Health and well being / research and care
  • Mental health

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Organisation type: 
Social enterprise
Geographical remit: 
National - Britain


We are a technology social enterprise. Our mission is to put quality mental healthcare in the hands of every young person on the planet. We believe everyone should have access to quality mental healthcare, irrespective of race, gender, location, or wealth.


We Offer Right Information: Produced and curated by our team and mental health professionals working with us.

We Offer Right Support: Advice and signpost our clients who contact us through website, chatbot, social media and phone.

We Offer Right Therapies: We connect the right mental health professionals with the users seeking mental health interventions.

We Offer Right Self-help Tools: Self-help tools and courses to help user throughout their mental health recovery journey. 

Current opportunities


Help us engage our audiences by creating compelling and informational articles and blogs so that we can reach out to more young people and their...