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Mindroom is an independent Scottish charity committed to raising awareness of all types of Learning Difficulties, and to providing practical advice, essential information and tailored support for everyone who needs it.

We predominantly help children and young people, whether or not there is a Diagnosis. We work across the full range of Learning Difficulties such as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Autistic Spectrum Disorders, DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder), Dyslexia and Asperger or Tourette Syndromes. Early intervention is essential for a child to fulfil their potential.

Our help matters because the number of people who have had a support need identified has been growing. A Scottish Parliamentary Answer reported that the number of Special Needs pupils had increased from 28,732 to 38,716 between 2002-8. Furthermore, when the definition was broadened in 2009 to include any pupil requiring any form of additional support the number increased from 44,177 then to 118,034 in 2012. This was attributed to better awareness, with the numbers now representing the true situation. These statistics bear out our own research that shows there are likely to be at least five children with some form of learning difficulty in every school class. Families are faced with a postcode lottery pattern of provision and staff who have little experience or specific training in Learning Difficulties and practical strategies to overcome the different conditions.

Research reported on by the BBC in June 2014 claimed that Autism – one of the conditions we work with - costs the UK £32 billion each year which is more than heart disease, stroke and cancer combined. Lead researcher Professor Martin Knapp (London School of Economics) said that there is a clear need for more effective interventions to treat autism, ideally in early life, to make the best use of scarce resources. “We need to use our resources earlier, identify people earlier and try to provide therapies and support that makes it easier to manage the condition," he told BBC News.
We help families get the support they need so that children and young people get the best chance to overcome their Learning Difficulty(ies) and realise their potential.


Our work covers three areas:

•  Direct Help and Support – practical advice, essential information and tailored support;
•  Training and Information –sessions for professionals and volunteers from other organisations as well as Parents and Carers; plus our website, social media and printed literature activity;
•  Influencing – participation in statutory and third sector groupings so that we can persuade Government and other agencies to invest appropriately in supporting those with Learning Difficulties.

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