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Mentor is the UK’s leading charity in preventing drug and alcohol misuse among young people.  Our work is based on the best international scientific evidence, and is helping to create a future generation of confident, healthy young people equipped to thrive in the modern world.

Mentor builds young people’s confidence, self-efficacy and resilience to risks, giving them the skills to avoid the harms of alcohol and drugs.  We believe prevention is most effective when it is based on evidence, reaches young people early on, and focuses on youth involvement.

We foster children’s ambition and build their resilience to risks.  Some children grow up without ambition, not understanding what society has to offer them or what they can contribute to society.  They believe they are not good enough, they feel out of place and this leads them along the path of limited life chances, reduced life expectancy, and higher risk of dependency on alcohol and drugs.  Ambition pushes us to achieve more.  Fixing things when they go wrong is not good enough. We want every child to strive to make the most of their life, no matter what their background.


Mentor will identify and deliver programmes to prevent or reduce alcohol and drug harms to young people.

Mentor will work with partners to embed successful and effective prevention, health and education programmes into the mainstream

Mentor will strive to influence policy in the UK, championing evidence-based prevention.

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