Medstead Village Hall

Medstead Village Hall

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The objective is for the village hall (and the money it raises) is to improve the social welfare of the local community and improve the conditions of life of those who live here, without distinction of sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, nationality, race or political, religious or other opinions.

Our aim is to bring the community together, to connect and strengthen our community and find new ways to support each other. Whilst our focus is on the residents of Medstead, recognising the close proximity to other communities and places, we are happy to provide support and serve those to.



The village hall is host to a wide range of clubs and classes covering the very young (toddler groups) up to the very elderly (coffee mornings and lunches).

We have recently instigated a new Events Committee and we are looking to ensure that there are events for all parts of our community to be interested in. As part of this (and our broader strategic vision) we are planning a widescale public consultation on improvements to the village hall and what classes, social events etc. are run at the village hall with the aim of getting all parts of the community involved.

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