Mediation Surrey CIO

Mediation Surrey CIO

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  • Children / families
  • Community safety / victim support / domestic violence

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Mediation Surrey operates to help those living and working in Surrey to resolve disputes without needing to engage in legal action. This is done through our free, impartial and confidential Community,  Intergenerational and Support Coaching Service.   Our clients  are often reaching the end of their tether, losing sleep and they are anxious about what to do next.  Within families when communication has broken down there is a risk of young people being made homeless or dropping out of education.  Our support coaching service helps victims of anti-social behaviour develop strategies to cope and get their life back.  

Mediation Surrey also provides Family Mediation (divorce and separation) aimed at those on low incomes but who are not eligible for legal aid.  This is a fee paying service with cost kept as affordable as possible.

Over the past twenty years local community mediation services have developed these services and over the past two years they have come together to form a single mediation service operating across Surrey.  This gives us the opportunity to explore opportunities to help even more people who find themselves stuck in a dispute that is negatively impacting their lives.


Our team of about 100 volunteers receive general and specialist mediation and coaching training.  Working in pairs they meet all parties involved in the dispute separately and if willing they will bring them together for a joint meeting.  Our mediators  listen carefully, build trust and help separate facts from feelings.  They do not need any knowledge of the law as they don't give legal advice.  Their role is to 'oil the wheels' and help people sort out things for themselves.   And if both parties will engage in mediation our we know that  over 90% of disputes will come to an agreement to allow them to get on with their lives.

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