Mediation North Surrey

Mediation North Surrey

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Our primary objective is focused on resolving neighbourhood disputes involving residents of the three Boroughs of Elmbridge, Runnymede and Spelthorne. Mediation helps people explore their problems, discuss them in a safe, sensitive and confidential manner and reach solutions acceptable to all concerned benefitting the individuals involved and reducing demands on the local authorities, Police and social housing bodies.   


The Charity trains volunteer mediators and utilises them to achieve a positive outcome in over 85% of all mediated cases. Issues resolved include noise, antisocial behaviour, clash of lifestyles, parking and property disputes. 

Work with The Police, Local authorities and Housing Associations (who fund our activities) to obtain case referrals for neighbours who are in dispute over such matters as noise/car parking/untidiness/Anti Social Behaviour/Minor boundary issues etc. We then sent our pairs of locally recruited trained volunteers to help the parties to resolve their problems themselves this usually involves initial meetings with each party together with a joint meeting with all the parties.  All our mediations are conducted in confidence the mediators are impartial and will not tell the parties what they should do to resolve the issues.

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