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We, climate activists coalesced from multiple Global South nations at the Climate Justice Camp, realized how much philanthropy was missing out on delivering these opportunities. With philanthropy failing to connect the vital figures in the Global South to the many donors and funders that are looking to stretch their funds to more offline or less-socially appearing youth creating the most impactful work in the Global South, we felt responsible to address this. Fortunately, this struck the transformation led by a group of youth in the Climate Justice camp towards developing a space that addressed the very gaps found in philanthropic pathways in the context of climate youth activists by youth activists tackling the issue. At ME&YOUth, our team has been continuously working to not only strategize towards the most innovative ways of providing funding to Climate Youth activists, but also, to learn and hop on the most effective ways to provide swift verification and funding processes in the philanthropic space. Hence, since launching our initiative, we have joined and took upon a networking buzz across the fundraising space. We also hope to share our unique perspectives across the dialogues taking place in philanthropy and climate. 

As we connect with you we hope to not just collaborate for Global South youth, but to also learn from your insights and feedback on the space of change-making in a "well-built" foundation like philanthropy towards a more dynamic space open to transformations in the flow of funds.

In short, this is a pilot initiative to improve the transparency and accessibility of funds for climate justice activists on the frontlines of the crisis. 

  • We’re bold. We’re new. We’re formalising processes and policies. We’re fairly deciding on roles and responsibilities. 
  • We recognise that the current philanthropy frameworks often do not reach youth at the grass roots: we’re committed to trying something new to resolve this.
  • We’re seeking progressive and courageous philanthropists to help us get this initiative off the ground.

In our upcoming fiscal year we hope to deliver the funds that will invite more donors to share their space to partner, transform, and bring new realities to the youth platform we have already gathered and who are currently facing a living future in the current climate crisis.


Funding climate justice- fundraising and partnerships with donors and provide resources to youth engaged in climate movements from the Global South.

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