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  • Voluntary sector support

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National - Britain


Supporting small charitable organisations to amplify their impact

We work with a range of businesses, stakeholders and individuals, partnering them with small, innovative non-profits to deliver positive social impact.

Empowering Small Non-profits

Our experience of working closely with small charitable organisations has highlighted that despite making a significant impact on the world around them, there is a funding gap that can be difficult for them to bridge as they take their next steps to growth.

Our range of support packages target unrestricted funding at small organisations, but we also make sure that we are helpful to work with, keeping things as simple, easy and supportive as possible for funding applicants who are often working alongside their day-job, in a voluntary role, or new to funding applications.

More Meaningful Giving

We partner with businesses who have a genuine desire to make a difference to people, planet, and their communities. Our tailored charitable giving programmes accommodate different needs and budgets, and we tailor our packages to deliver our partners’ unique charitable objectives.


Amplify Charity Grants

The Matthew Good Foundation provides funding to selected small charitable organisations that need longer-term unrestricted support with the core costs vital to running their organisation, but funds for which are harder to find in the funding sector. Funds are aimed at organisations that meet the Foundation’s target Sustainable Development Goals, and charities are selected and agreed privately by the Matthew Good Foundation team.

Amplify Charity Films

Often, charitable organisations are not just dealing with a funding gap, but also with an expertise gap when it comes to communicating their cause to a wide audience. As a foundation that has very close connections to the business world, this is something we have often found we are able to help fund and coordinate, and so our charity film offering has grown naturally as we worked with more organisations who we could see would benefit from this type of help.

Amplify Funding Programmes

We design and manage funding programmes that invite small charities, voluntary organisations, local groups and Community Interest Companies (CICs) to apply to us for funding packages which are provided by our partner businesses.

Our programmes are our unique way of connecting organisations that are doing amazing work in our communities, with businesses that want to make a meaningful social impact.

Current opportunities

Matthew Good Foundation is a grant-giving charity. It's an exciting time of growth and we are looking for three committed and motivated...