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MATRIX Neurological is an innovative, small charity that was founded as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (1159973) in 2014. Based in Middlesbrough, we provide neurological rehabilitation and support services to children who have an acquired brain injury, together with their families across the Tees Valley and North Yorkshire.

Our Charitable Aims are:

To improve long term outcomes by providing high quality and fully integrated neurological support services to children, young people and their families and carers by:

  • Improving service coordination and facilitating access to appropriate services
  • Provide intensive and innovative one-to-one community and education neuro-rehabilitation activities, that are currently not available, AND
  • Provide hands-on support to families and carers of children living with the effects of an acquired brain injury.

Our Charitable Objectives are:

The Advancement of education by:

  • Providing tailored education support to children and young people living with an acquired brain injury
  • Educating parents on the complexity of brain injury
  • Raising public awareness

The Advancement of Health by:

  • Providing community-based rehabilitative support for children and young people recovering from acquired brain injuries.

An acquired brain injury (ABI) is any damage caused to a ‘normal healthy’ brain; post birth following an accident (i.e. head injury, concussion, assault, sporting head injury) or neurological illness (i.e. meningitis, encephalitis, brain tumour, near drowning, suffocation, some chemotherapy treatment.) ABI is the biggest cause of death and disability in children and young people; yet it is the least supported, least recognised, and least understood disability which leaves thousands of children with their complex needs unmet and placing their families into emotional and financial difficulties as a result. Up to 76.4% of prison and youth offenders have sustained an undiagnosed brain injury, and 50% of homeless people.

Our families tell us they have a better understanding of their child’s needs and feel more confident to advocate for their child.  Schools also tell us they have a better understanding of their hidden disability needs. In some cases, parents have been able to return to work.

We promote our support services in a range of community venues, from schools, GP practices, to libraries, community hubs and youth groups. We provide advice and consultancy to schools and colleges and have delivered Brain Injury Awareness Training to schools, colleges and youth projects.

We are recognised as a high-quality service and many funders and professionals have personally thanked us for the information we have provided.  Following submission of our project evaluation report, Children in Need, who are one of our major funders acknowledged the value of our work saying:

“Thank you for delivering such incredible work for children and young people which is clearly helping them to make a remarkable improvement to their day-to-day life and to the lives of their families.”


We are a lived-experience led charity, providing the specialist services that were not in place for us.  We now bring together a significant level of knowledge and expertise for the benefit of families who find themselves in similar circumstances. During a recent visit by a Senior Lecturer at the University of Derby they commented: “I am in awe of your passion, knowledge and expertise.  What an incredible service you offer families after brain injury”.

MATRIX Neurological receive no statutory, government funding, as our work is not seen as a statutory requirement. However, our work makes a huge difference to the welfare and well-being of our children and their families.

We prioritise children and families who are not able to pay for neuro-rehabilitation from a small number of private sector providers operating in this field; and our approach is to provide services tailored to individuals – including time, place, location and frequency of delivery - to make a real and measurable difference to the lives of our beneficiaries. 

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