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MathsMakers is a vibrant education charity that partners with schools in London to deliver maths intervention programmes. Since 2014, we have developed a successful track record in helping children aged 10-16 years gain confidence in their maths learning and improve their attainment.  We work mostly with disadvantaged students including those with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) and EAL (English as an Additional Language). Our objective is to narrow the attainment gap for these students compared to their peers, and help all to achieve their potential.


MathsMakers works in partnership with schools. We tailor our programmes to each school’s requirements. 

Schools identify the topics where students need the most help. Our schemes of work are agreed in consultation with each school’s maths department. Our objective is to help students become secure in core knowledge and skills. For schools that follow a maths mastery approach, we adapt our schemes accordingly.

For students approaching GCSE exams, our programmes include a lot of practice on exam-style questions. Students are supported as they work through past-exam papers and predicted papers.

Particular attention is given to developing student’s problem-solving skills. We support them in developing strategies and skills for working through multi-step worded questions and applications.

MathsMakers uses resources that are trusted by schools, including materials from BBC Bitesize, Corbettmaths, Mathsbox, Maths Made Easy, NRICH, NCETM, and White Rose Maths.

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