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We are a rare diseases charity established at the end of 2015 to respond to Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS). MCAS is a crippling, unpredictable and frightening condition affecting the immune system. Sufferers from MCAS have “wrongly programmed” immune systems that react to a wide range of triggers including food, drink, stress, temperature and many others. The effects range from unpleasant allergic reactions, through to an overall debilitation resulting in people being unable to leave their houses. It was first recognised internationally in 1990, with a set of diagnostic criteria agreed in 2011, but is little known or understood in the UK, where incidence seems to be increasing. Here patients can wait 3-5 years for a diagnosis, often receive very little knowledge or help from within the medical establishment and can find themselves in a frightening limbo. (More on the disease can be found on our website: or on Facebook). Our vision is to ensure that everybody suffering from MCAS in the UK receives adequate support, can expect knowledgeable diagnosis & care, and can look to a future in which the disease is actively researched, better understood and more effectively treated. In sum we aim to improve the lives of MCAS sufferers by giving them a voice, recruiting and supporting doctors & researchers, and lobbying policy-makers.



Our mission is: to provide support for MCAS patients & their families;  to bring the MCAS community together and create a cohesive voice;  to lobby for awareness, universally available diagnosis and the best possible care for MCAS patients;  and to inspire increased research into mast cell activation and related conditions, to improve understanding and treatment.

MCA currently has 4 trustees plus a small support team. We have three immediate objectives. Firstly to continue nurturing and supporting sufferers: our major activities here are running online support groups and delivering a social media campaign. Secondly to educate and enlist healthcare professionals to fill the vacuum of knowledge & help that faces patients; we pursue advocacy opportunities wherever we can. Thirdly to build the charity’s infrastructure and capability. We recognise we have a crucial need to recruit talented new supporters to help the organisation evolve into a sustainable, funded and effective charity. If you can help us make the journey from successful start-up to established charity, we would be hugely grateful!

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Join us in our mission to provide vital community support services by hosting engaging virtual events as part of Mast Cell Action's initiatives.

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