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We are a unique global non-governmental organisation embedded in the human health, biodiversity and climate sectors. We train healthcare professionals around the world in sexual and reproductive health. In the UK, we train more clinicians in contraceptive and  sexual health than anyone else. Internationally, we work in partnership with other environmental conservation and health organisations,  to develop projects which simultaneously improve sexual and reproductive health services, provide livelihoods and support the  conservation of biodiversity. We use our unique status and expertise to change biodiversity and climate policy to support reproductive  choice. For more information download our latest Annual Report and our new strategy, Thriving Together. 


The Trust works to change global and institutional biodiversity and climate policy, promoting the importance for the conservation of nature  of removing barriers to family planning. We design and manage projects integrating family planning and conservation action. We  are the only member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature with 50 years’ family planning expertise. As a result of the Trust’s efforts, in October 2023, the IUCN’s Global Species Action Plan included removing “barriers to rights-based voluntary family  planning” as one of the many complementary actions we must undertake to implement the Global Biodiversity Framework. We also have  Observer Status to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and UN Environment. 

We seek changes to biodiversity and climate policy, from inside those sectors, to reflect the importance of reproductive health and rights,  using our unique crosssectoral status and expertise. We believe that removing barriers to family planning should be a priority within  biodiversity and climate policy. 

We run projects with partners integrating family planning and conservation action. Below is an example, but you can read more on our  website and watch videos that explain more about our current projects. 

SRH Training

We have been at the forefront of contraception and sexual health for over 50 years. Today we provide doctors, nurses and other  healthcare professionals with the broadest range of contraception and sexual health training in the UK. Internationally, we develop projects with partners in low- and middle-income countries, to improve sexual and reproductive health, focusing on family planning information and services.

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