The Makaton Charity

The Makaton Charity

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Makaton is a language programme using signs and symbols to help people communicate.  It is designed to support spoken language and the signs and symbols are used with speech in spoken word order.

The Makaton Charity is responsible for developing and sharing the Makaton Language Programme.  We give people the means to express themselves, engage with others, be included in everyday life, take part in education, access information and services and ultimately achieve their full potential.

Today over 100,000 children and adults use Makaton symbols and signs, either as their main method of communication or as a way to support speech.



The Makaton Charity

  • Provides training to parents, carers and professionals via our nationwide network of licensed tutors and trainers.
  • Develops and produces a wide range of printed and electronic resources, from nursery rhyme DVDs to vocabulary books covering complex subjects and electronic collections of signs and symbols for computer use
  • Works with others to make information accessible e.g. working with local councils to translate materials using Makaton symbols so that Makaton users can vote in local elections and with housing associations to provide information about the services they offer
  • Offers advice and support to families and professionals
  • Works in partnership to influence society and empower people e.g. works with organisations such at the BBC and Her Majesty's Court Service to promote communication and make Makaton available so that more people are able to participate.


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