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“Magic Me is absolutely my lifeline, especially for those of us who have nobody else” - Older person

For more than 30 years, Magic Me’s exciting, pioneering intergenerational arts projects have given young and older people opportunities to meet, create and exchange ideas. Week by week young people and older adults meet together in care homes, schools, community and cultural centres, working on shared art activities (e.g. drama and music). Across East London, our intergenerational groups mix with people of diverse cultural communities, often living parallel lives, who might not ordinarily meet.

Where we are today?

Covid-19 has undoubtedly been a challenge for us all. It may feel difficult to stay positive at the moment, but the progress of people getting vaccinated in these past months means that we are hopefully nearing the end.  

In 2021, Magic Me are more determined than ever to make a difference, offering inspiring, creative activity and intergenerational connections, tackling loneliness and isolation. 

Our At Home Together programme has helped us find new ways to meet, to make and to party with our community, at a distance. Our creative activities have encouraged interaction between people, grown intergenerational understanding, while relieving social isolation and loneliness.


Magic Me works for the benefit of the public both now and for future generations. By bringing younger and older people together in shared creative activities we bring enjoyment, improved wellbeing and greater mutual understanding across generations. Longer-term we support individuals and organisations to imagine different ways of growing older and design the future society we need to build for our ageing population. Our activities, exhibitions and performances challenge both participants and audiences to reconsider ageist expectations and stereotypes which can limit the aspirations and lives of younger and older people.

At many levels, Magic Me projects offer immediate and lasting benefits to people of all ages:

●       Young and older participants gain confidence, sense of purpose, learn skills and form new friendships.Magic Me means the dark clouds get blown away, and you can take on more challenges” - Older Participant
●       Our partners gain new insights and form deeper and more rewarding relationships with those for whom they care. “We had our best laughs during Lockdown doing some of your projects. Thanks for the inspirations, materials and ideas” - Care Home Staff
●       Our adult volunteers gain skills in communicating with older people and form wider connections and social links within their communities. “It made me feel part of the community, and I was able to bring a smile to the residents in the care home.” - Volunteer
●       Our activities and influence benefit people and communities much more widely.We are really keen to promote organisations making a big effort to reach people who don't have access to activities online…thank you for providing such a good example of how that is possible!” - National Activities Providers Association

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