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  • Mental health
  • Social care
  • Young people

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MAC-UK’s founding vision was, and remains, to radically transform mental health services for excluded young people.

MAC-UK’s mission is to better share resources and decision-making with young people most affected by inequality. We will influence and agitate for government, business and civil society to acknowledge and demonstrate bravery in radical new solutions to reconfigure the social, political and economic deal between citizens.

How we achieve this in practice is through the best of youth work and psychology, collaborating with young people every step of the way.


We are addressing the systems that perpetuate the health, social and economic inequalities experienced by excluded groups. Our values make this possible:

Value lived experience

Young people are experts in their own lives and their lived experience holds the value and solutions that public services need.

Do with, not to

designing and delivering services together with other agencies and communities to provide support with, rather than to or for, young people and their communities is a better way to achieve outcomes.

Build relationships

relationships transform lives because it allows us to understand each other’s worlds, so we are putting relationships back into the science of health and social care.

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