The MABA Group CIC

The MABA Group CIC

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Social enterprise
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The MABA Group CIC a mobile organisation focused on empowering the betterment of all people in general, but with a particular focus on young people. We provide a range of different services with the main one being the teaching of life-skills through the use of sports, music, creative arts and education.  We also provide a career mentoring service, CV-building service and expert health and wellness advice for those who need it.

Young people in the UK are crying out for guidance and empowerment from individuals that they can relate to, so that they can focus on their success from a young age, and not pilot towards a life of crime or regret.

The presence of a positive role model will allow them to become the best versions of themselves.

Our mission is to form a national sanctuary for young people. A Mecca where young people can safely and happily enrich their personal development.


We use positive young people just like them to facilitate our empowerment programs - as well as a range of professionals from sports industries, education services, music, creative arts and more. We provide an "early age direct intervention" approach towards the young people, in order to focus on developing their personal development by teaching life-skills, which will give them a solid base to approach life. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Teaching Life-skills through sport
  • Motivational talks by public figures
  • Health and wellness advice
  • Self-defense classes 
  • Teaching Life-skills through music
  • Behaviour mentoring services
  • CV building workshops
  • Career advice service
  • Business Start-Up workshop
  • Security SIA Course

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