Looking After Mum And Dad

Looking After Mum And Dad

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In the UK there are over 2 million unpaid relatives looking after the elderly. Although looking after elderly parents is a natural life stage most of us face, it is one for which we are ill-prepared. This challenging role is bolted onto already busy lives, creating unbearable stress. The sandwich generation, who are still raising children, are especially vulnerable, as are elderly caregivers and those trying to maintain employment but feel unable to mention it to their employers.

Major decisions have to be made in times of crisis, with time and financial pressures exacerbating the stress. Social lives are sacrificed, leading to loneliness, depression and bad health. Although the need for information and support is great, nowhere is this community catered for. Not identifying themselves as ‘carers’, they do not relate to the charities Carers UK and the Carers Trust, so the information, often needed urgently in a crisis, is not found.

Research has shown:

  • Both the elderly and society benefit from the elderly remaining independent as long as possible. How long they can remain independent relies upon the support they receive.
  • With an ageing population, who are living longer, the problem is only going to get worse.
  • People providing high levels of care are twice as likely to become permanently sick or disabled themselves

We need to support people through this challenging life stage, as it benefits the elderly as well as the caregiver. It is estimated that unpaid caregivers save the country around £132 billion, which is almost as much as the NHS budget( £134 billion in 2014/15)!


To develop ‘Looking after Mum and Dad’ as a social network and community for those who care for elderly relatives, through the website which provides information and support and, importantly, also gives them a voice and a platform. The chat room allows them to reach others in the similar situations, enabling them to share their concerns and experiences.

A sense of fun is very important to us. We want to help improve the lives of our community by promoting the sharing of amusing stories and anecdotes, and taking a light approach to things whenever we can. We also provide some games so they can have a 5 min break and news headlines so they feel informed.

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