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The London School of Architecture is a new school for a new century. Established in October 2015, we explore the full potential of architecture in today’s changing world. Our mission is to:

• Prepare talented graduates for the architectural profession of tomorrow

• Make architectural education more affordable, and therefore more accessible

• Generate original and surprising approaches to the design of architecture

• Create a network for practitioners to develop their creative and critical interests

• Offer a platform within the industry to connect academia and practice

• Publish provocative and influential design research for global dissemination

• Act as nimble agents of change within the capital city of London




Designed for students with independent minds not independent means, our educational model seeks to prepare students for the profession of tomorrow, while our financial model creates the UK’s first ‘cost-neutral’ course.

Why do we need a new architecture school? 

This year – 2016 – the majority of England’s architecture schools will start to charge the
full £9,000/year for all five compulsory years of study. Pressingly, it is credibly predicted that the majority of architecture graduates will now never pay off their student debt within their lifetime.

How does the LSA address this?

We are the first new independent school of architecture in London for over a century. Our ambition is for our graduates to avoid £18,000 of tuition fee debt altogether. Our fees are £6,000/year – one third cheaper than the typical £9,000. Additionally, students earn a minimum of £12,000 during an integrated, part-time 12-month work placement. We believe this is to be the UK’s first ‘cost-neutral’ educational model.

What are the LSA’s unique selling points?

Alongside our ‘cost-neutral’ model, we have two other major USPs. Using the city as our campus, we don’t have our own buildings (to lower overheads); and we site our projects in a different London borough each year (to engage students with urgent urban issues). Secondly, by sitting between the university system and industry, we create a much- needed dialogue between academia and practice.

Who is involved in the LSA?

London Metropolitan University is validating the programme; we have partnerships with 45 London-based architectural practices; and the course is delivered by renowned academics (full details can be found at Our headquarters are at Second Home, and we are currently working with spatial partners the Design Museum and Blackhorse Workshop.

Educational model

The LSA model forges a series of powerful relationships – between academia and practice, between the discipline of architecture and others, and between the institution and the city.

In the First Year students are in practice placements: three days per week working on the practice’s commissioned projects; and two days per week working on LSA projects. In the Second Year, students spend five days per week with the LSA developing individual thesis projects. 


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