London Rebuilding Society Limited

London Rebuilding Society Limited

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  • Financial inclusion
  • Health and well being / research and care
  • Older people / later life

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London Rebuilding Society (LRS) is a not for private profit with charitable objectives.  We specialise in innovative products and services which provide access to finance and support for individuals and households which cannot get the support they need from public or private sectors;  creating healthy homes through increased energy efficiency, and better lives by helping reducing energy costs, increasing household income, improving health and well being.  We work across the sectors for the benefit of our clients and users.  Everything we do is tailored and designed around their needs.

We are focussed on delivering our Home Improvement Scheme with private sector partners. The scheme provides access to finance and a full package of support for elderly and vulnerable home owners living in homes in serious disrepair and unable to access finance and support to enable to live as long as they wish in a warm, secure, comfortable home. This an end to end service designed around homeowners needs, offering finance, securing grants, access to specialist support, and oversight and management of guaranteed works to bring homes to decent, safe, energy efficient standard.

Our scheme is unique.  We piloted it in East London helping 47 households, transforming their lives and improving health and well being.  John's Story on our website gives you a flavour, and we have carried out a detailed impact evaluation of the scheme also identifying savings to the public purse, in particular health.  Our new scheme has the scope to assist 2000 households nationally. Not only will we impact the lives of 1000s of elderly and vulnerable people, but also influence the way finance is delivered in the conventional sector, making it person centred, affordable and fair.  

London Rebuilding Society is registered under the Cooperatives and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 and the Society is recognised as an Exempt Charity by the Inland Revenue.  We are a mutual, owned by our members, each member is a share holder with one vote. Both individuals and corporate bodies may buy shares in London Rebuilding Society and become members.


We have designed a package of services in which the homeowner(s) are at the centre. They need only be 60+ and owning their own home, needing work. Local authorities and other agencies refer people to us who they cannot assist. They will be living in cold, unsafe homes which need home improvements and potential adaptations. The size and scope of the work cannot be met by any available grant.

We have formed a partnership with FCA regulated retirement advisors, and providers of finance, designing a financial product and service to meet our clients’ needs.  This product is only available through this route.  It is unique in the market place.

LRS works with the client, their advocates and family and makes sure they get all the additional support they need from experts, and then devises a plan for home improvements and adaptations - what they must have to make the home safe, energy efficient and accessible, and what they would like. The client is them referred to the regulated independent retirement services advisor to see if they are eligible for the financial product. If they wish to progress, then LRS manages the whole process working with them and making sure they are comfortable at every step.  This includes organising temporary storage, accommodation, and commissioning and overseeing guaranteed and warranted works from quality contractors. We assist their return to the home, provide information and remain available to assist thereafter, making regular visits.

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