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Legacy cares for 40,000 veterans’ families, including widows in their senior years, younger widows with children, and veterans’ dependents with a disability. With over 3400 volunteers, Legacy strives to ensure that those in their care can fully realise their potential.


Relieving financial hardship

Legacy advocates to ensure beneficiaries receive government benefits or pensions they are entitled to. If needed, Legacy will provide a one off payment to assist during an emergency.

For beneficiaries on low incomes, regular payments may be made to top up pensions ensuring financial needs are met. Special payments may be made for transport to and from medical appointments or so they can attend Legacy functions. 

Legacy ensures they can access health and medical support. For those living alone, an emergency response unit may be provided to help them live confidently in their own home.

These programs can also provide parents with respite and introduce children and families to others with shared experiences – providing support, community and opportunities for friendship.

Social connection services

Legacy strives to ensure that no person faces social isolation. Legacy has Clubs, local events, holidays and camps where widows, children and families can come together to bond and create friendships.

For seniors, social isolation can be detrimental to their health and well-being. For many Legacy widows in their senior years, a Legacy morning tea or lunch might be their only outing. They look forward to these occasions and enjoy the companionship. For widows who are unable to attend such gatherings, contact is made by phone calls or visits from their Legatee or Legacy community social worker.

Legacy also provides holidays for widows. Holidays and camps for children or families provide friendships and social connections for those who share similar circumstances.

Providing developmental opportunities

Legacy has a long history of nurturing the development of children, with a special priority given to education. Legacy’s commitment to assisting with children’s education and development extends to: grants and scholarships; mentoring programs for children that assist with education and life choices; adventure activities and holiday camps.

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