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The Lloyd Foundation is a grant-giving charity that supports the children of British citizens who are living and working abroad to have a British education (taught in English) whether abroad or in the UK. 

Beneficiaries are young persons under the age of 25 (though in practice usually aged 5 - 18) who have a father or mother who is a British citizen ordinarily living outside the United Kingdom. Grants are awarded towards the costs of a British style of education whether at a local state, independent or ’International’ school abroad (as long as the teaching medium is at least 50% English) or at a state boarding school (or more rarely independent boarding school) in the UK. Beneficiaries are often working for NGOs overseas (in development, aid work, medicine, nursing, teaching, disaster recovery, etc.) We will not fund those who have made a ‘lifestyle’ choice to live abroad but still wish their children to attend school in the UK but will consider applications where serious illness, bereavement, divorce, etc. have disrupted otherwise genuine intentions to self-fund.


The Foundation now has approximately £3m invested, the interest and dividends from which are the sole source of income.  In the last year (2018/19), there were 68 beneficiaries from 42 families, 21 of whom were new applicants.  Awards ranged in value from £500 to £4,500 per annum and totaled over £145,000.

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