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Established in 1999, the Live Art Development Agency (LADA) is the world’s leading organisation for Live Art, producing specialised projects, opportunities, resources and publications for those who make, watch, research, study, teach, produce, present, write about and archive Live Art, and creating conditions in which diversity, innovation and risk in contemporary culture can thrive.

LADA is a 'Centre for Live Art'​: a knowledge centre, a production centre for programmes and publications, a research centre setting artists and ideas in motion, and an online centre for representation and dissemination.

Through a rigorous international recruitment process, distinguished interdisciplinary artists Barak adé Soleil and Chinasa Vivian Ezugha became the Co-Directors in September of 2021, marking a new era of leadership as they immediately began to cultivate a gentle, radical reimagining of care that permeates all that LADA does: A Culture of Care.

This emerging vision is shaped by their 30+ years of embodied experience in the contemporary arts field, with creative and administrative practices that continue to evolve as they address inequities within and beyond the Live Art sector. 

A Culture of Care affirms the legacy and mission of the organisation, a belief in ‘Live Art as a means to challenge the status quo and initiate meaningful social change.’ Engaging through an intersectional approach, LADA’s vision methodically builds a sustainable multifaceted practice of care that centres accessibility and social justice.


The Live Art Development Agency:

-Houses the Study Room, a unique open access research library;
-Runs Unbound, the world’s only dedicated online shop for Live Art books, DVDs and limited editions;
-Pioneers models of artistic and professional development, dialogue and debate; contributes to groundbreaking research, study and teaching;
-Coordinates Live Art UK, the national network of Live Art promoters;
- And develops ways of increasing access to, and engagement with, Live Art through curatorial projects, programming partnerships and publishing.

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