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Liquid Listening

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  • Learning disabilities / difficulties
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Liquid Listening pioneers the practice of Musical Hydrotherapy for the benefit of disabled children and adults with special needs and long-term health conditions. Our programme also supports their teachers, families and carers.  We combine underwater music and sound with aquatic body therapy. Musical Hydrotherapy:

  • Relaxes body and mind

  • Encourages wellbeing, movement, stretching, vocalisation and stillness

  • Develops enjoyment and understanding of sound

We combine sound practice within therapeutic settings. We create a mindful musical focus within hydrotherapy pool settings.

Individual care and an attentive approach is taken with each participant.



Musical Hydrotherapy training for school and hydrotherapy pool staff 

We have found that the most effective way of bringing regular Musical Hydrotherapy sessions to disabled children and adults is by training the school or hydrotherapy pool staff so that they can embed the practice into their on-going timetable. We train up to 10 trained staff members in any one location, provide guidance on on-going practice and provide high-quality underwater speaker systems for the pool.

Residencies in schools and hydrotherapy pools

A great introduction to Musical Hydrotherapy, Liquid Listening can make a week-long visit to a school or hydrotherapy pool so that everyone can experience the benefits of Musical Hydrotherapy. 

Music Production activities

Liquid Listening can work with students and staff to instil a practice of listening as a regular activtiy, and to enable leaners usually aged 13-19 years to compose, record, produce and present original music for use in Musical Hydrotherapy sessions. The aim of the programme is to provide a real-life learning opportunity through which learners can develop key skills such as creativity, communication and teamwork whilst also experiencing the health and well-being benefits of Musical Hydrotherapy.

Researching and sharing our methodology

We have worked with leading researchers and academics to evaluate our methodology. More information can be found here: 

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