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Social enterprise
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National - Scotland


We are a community focused organisation who offer tailored language lessons to older adults and people living with dementia. The services and courses we offer have been designed by people living with dementia and in conjunction with care homes and day centres across Scotland. The reason that we teach language lessons to older adults is three-fold. Firstly, research shows that language learning is a very good cognitive workout for the brain and can build up cognitive reserve and helps strengthen the brain. Secondly, the courses are designed to be as inclusive and accessible as possible. Through collecting feedback, the vast majority of our participants have informed us that the classes have increased their sense of worth and confidence. Finally, through our courses, participants have the opportunity to complete an SQA certified unit which has provided them with a sense of achievement and accomplishment. We take pride in offering co-produced courses which are designed around the wants and needs of our participants. Our ethos at Lingo Flamingo that it is never too late to learn something new, and we take great pride in facilitating engaging and social opportunities for older adults later in life.


In order to meet our objectives, we deliver tailored, accessible language courses to older adults in care homes and day centres across Scotland delivered by compassionate and passionate tutors.  As part of the courses, Lingo Flamingo supply all materials, workbooks, and resources which have been coproduced to be inclusive, accessible and dementia friendly. Our classes benefit people living with dementia for a range of reasons. Language learning is a very good way of keeping the brain fit and active, studies published by the University of Edinburgh show that bilingual adults on average can postpone the effects of dementia up to 5 years later than monolinguists. Additionally, language learning increases our decision-making skills, multitasking skills and heightens our ability to concentrate and communicate. Our workshops are therefore designed to act as a non-pharmaceutical intervention to empower people living with dementia. Our workshops provide older adults and people living with dementia with more visibility and agency in society. 

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