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  • Physical disabilities

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Lindap provides individually-adapted equipment to help people with disabilities, when nothing suitable for them is otherwise available. The equipment is provided free of charge.  As well as being functional, we aim to make the equipment look well in clients' homes.

We operate throughout Lincolnshire (except for Spalding/Stamford area).

Our help matters because what we provide makes the normal activities of daily life possible or less difficult or painful, or helps people enjoy leisure activities, and is uniquely adapted for the individual's need.


Most requests come from the NHS or Social Services, whose expertise in what will help but not harm the clients we rely on.  We also accept requests directly from disabled people or their carers.  We visit the client to see how we can best help them, then design and make something specially adapted for their needs.

Some examples of what we make are:

  • Devices to make handles and controls easier to grip.
  • Non-standard chair, bed and sofa raisers
  • Devices to attach things to wheelchairs, such as cameras and drink holders
  • Non-standard stair gates
  • Security covers for oven and shower controls, switches and sockets.


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