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Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust

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Our vision is of a thriving natural world, with our wildlife and habitats playing a valued role in addressing the climate and ecological emergencies, and people inspired and empowered to take action for nature.

Our purpose is to bring wildlife back, to empower people to take action for nature, and to create a society where nature matters.


  • Nature in Lincolnshire is in Recovery with abundant, diverse wildlife and natural processes creating wilder land and seascapes where people and nature thrive.

It is no longer enough just to protect the wildlife that remains. We will be at the forefront of efforts to reverse the declines in nature, on land and at sea. We will put nature firmly in recovery by making more space for nature and protecting and connecting habitats at a landscape scale, restoring the abundance of nature, and getting nature working again, for example by making sure our wetlands are wet, and return missing ‘keystone’ species.

  • People in Lincolnshire are taking action for nature and the climate, resulting in better decision making for the environment at both the local level and national level.

We will work to engage and empower people of all identities, cultures, backgrounds and abilities, supporting them to value, enjoy, speak up and take action for wildlife. We will listen to our supporters, connect people together and enable and empower them to effect real change, so that we can drive better decision making for nature across the political and corporate sphere, at both the local and national level.

  • Nature in Lincolnshire is playing a central and valued role in helping to address local and global problems.

Working in partnership with others, we will restore our natural ecosystems at scale and demonstrate what is possible in Lincolnshire, so that natural habitats cane store and sequester carbon, help prevent flooding, reduce soil erosion, improve soil fertility, provide pollination services, allow nature’s recover at sea and support improvements to people’s physical and mental wellbeing.

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