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We are a Hybrid Christian and Community Radio Station that focuses on -

1. Health Reform - encouraging the listener to adopt a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.
2. Sharing the "Love of God" - Informing the listener of God's plan of "Salvation For All", through Sermons, Bible Studies, Testimonials, and Gospel music.
3. Community Development - Promoting social cohesion and community projects.

Our "service" is to prepare the listener for the return of Jesus Christ, and to that effect, we cannot target a particular age group or demographic. We use all the hours to provide something or everyone and we also have a rich on-demand base. We have listeners who are successful in life but looking for a more enriching lifestyle; we have listeners who are struggling to make ends meet and need help in knowing how to thrive. Have families who are looking for help with parenting; we have children who want to make meaningful choices early in life.

Our impact is measured by the testimonies we receive, the requests for help, prayers, follow-up information, and engagement with live programmes.


We broadcast radio programmes 24/7 online and via mobile App. We have a network of Presenters who connect with the studio remotely. 2023 marked the 75th anniversary of the Empire Windrush landing in Tilbury and we marked the occasion by producing the Milestones series that looked that the contribution that people from the Caribbean have made to the UK Black community. We also organised a church service to celebrate their contribution in the armed-forces, police, and NHS. Our programme, Insight highlighted the work of our Community Leaders, Educators, and Influencers. 

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Life Radio UK is a hybrid Christian and Community Radio Station broadcasting a mixture of Gospel and socially relevant programmes 24/7 via our...