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Our vision is an inclusive, modern, sustainable and high quality public library service at the heart of every community in the UK.

The core mission and purpose of Libraries Connected is to act as a connector and catalyst to enable public libraries to have greater collective impact on big societal challenges.


Across the areas we serve there are 176 individual library services, with around 3,000 branches, serving over 61 million people. Each has a unique local offer that reflects the needs of its communities, but by connecting and working together, libraries can act with greater impact.

Our website will provide you with more information about our programmes and what we do.


We take a leading role in developing what libraries do and who they do it for. We work for continuous improvement on behalf of local communities, and shape the national debate on the future of library services. We demonstrate the value of libraries, broker national partnerships, share best practice and drive innovation in the sector.

We will focus on the following four core areas of action over the next four years:

  • Drive innovation at scale
  • Grow and empower the sector through skills and diversity
  • Connect individual library services to realise ambitions for the sector
  • Engage and influence decision-makers to invest in the sector so that it can reach its potential

Through everything we do we seek to:

  • Support climate responsibility and sustainability
  • Promote equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Harness connection and collaboration
  • Support sustainable financial models
  • Operate at national and regional scale

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