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Not for profit
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National - Britain


LearnPlay Foundation is a not for profit organisation with charitable, educational, community and social objects. We have been producing video, design & branding, creatives, game development and other creative media for over 15 years. We are a leader for apprenticeships for new hires & the upskilling current staff & deliver a range of creative digital media & content production courses.

A large percentage of our work is commissioned by our communities and statutory bodies, charities and the 3rd sector to help convey key messages, information, education, support, help or guidance using digital media, in an impactful, current, compelling and digestible manner.



Video Production

We can film and edit using more current and cutting edge technologies such as 360, 4k and to broadcast level & incorporate AR & VR if required. We can also keep things simple with everyday smartphones and cameras. For us, it’s the story, the voice, the information/message not the technology that must always remain at the core of every production. We are often asked to produce pieces & packages under tight timescales. We can assemble all aspects of a package including treatment, music, direction, scripting, identifying & engaging talent, talent management, scouting locations, obtaining shoot licences and permissions through to post production, packaging and marketing. Many clients from the public sector like us to work symbiotically with groups and associations when undertaking production work. This may include ensuring video production & post production skills are percolated to the group as part of the brief, providing a skills legacy, empowerment and ownership at the outset.

Social media

It has never been more vital to have a strong social presence on the best channels for businesses. In 2021, it has been estimated that there are over 53 million active social media users in the UK and over 4.55 billion worldwide (statista.com). Over 50% of people research products and services online. We provide all elements of campaign initialisation, production, copy, scheduling & management. We work with charities, small businesses and national companies including FMCG in all aspects of their social media. Oftentimes, we are considered and extension to their team.


We are a full service design bureau providing, print, digital and above the line design work. From an organisation’s own collateral to that of their clients, we can be their inhouse design team.


More and more business are engaging with bespoke games development for their business, campaigns and messaging needs. With over 3.24 billion gamers worldwide (statista.com), businesses are fast understanding that there are focused ways to transact with the market.

Love Learning

Recent times and pressures have seen business reach out to us to explore apprenticeship opportunities as a more cost effective means of engaging with talent & staff skilling. We deliver apprenticeships in an efficient & impactful way, meaning your staff do not need a day away from the business each week during these pressing times, they stay where they are needed, adding value to your business. Our 1st class apprenticeship programmes & short courses are available in range of creative & digital areas including Content Creator, Digital Marketing, Software Development, Sales Executive, IT Sales & Infrastructure Technician at levels 2 to 4. We have an ever expanding portfolio of digital courses that provide an insight into our core media services with an emphasis on technical skills development using industry standard software. From design, video production & games development for beginners, right through to advanced courses. Over the last 12 months, we have seen an exponential growth in funding bodies wanting to develop and deliver digital skills courses, especially in the West Midlands in order to plug the digital skills gap in the region.

Current opportunities

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