Learning from Nature

Learning from Nature

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  • Animals / wildlife
  • Campaigning
  • Counselling / advice
  • Environment
  • Local / community

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Geographical remit: 


1. To promote and share know-how regarding nature conservation and environmentally sustainable livelihoods in the tropics and the UK.

2. To promote the humane treatment and handling of animals both wild and domesticated.


  • Education and training that benefit local people, communities, and grassroots organisations; and supporting green business initiatives in the tropics  and the UK (those that have economic social and environmental sustainability at their heart).
  • Assisting in the promotion and marketing of environmentally sustainable products and services, and know-how, that benefits local families and communities in the tropics.
  • Assisting local families and communities in the tropics, including their associations and businesses, in the development of existing and new forms of income and trade that directly or indirectly promote or improve nature conservation and sustainability in their areas.
  • Assisting local schools communities in the UK in the setting up of environmental conservation projects.
  • Leading and supporting research into factors associated with habitat protection, nature conservation and environmental sustainability.
  • Sharing relevant knowledge, including the results of research, through education and training programmes.
  • Working with local governments, both in the tropics and in the UK, to help promote and initiate nature conservation and environmental sustainability incentives; using research so that decisions can be made regarding.
  • Engaging with the global community regarding nature conservation and sustainability through multiple media channels, experiential learning opportunities (such as volunteer programmes) and work with UK based schools and communities in order to contribute to changing perceptions, values, and attitudes.
  • Providing know-how and technical advice about these themes to all interested parties.
  • Supporting and informing the correct and humane methods to treat wild and domesticated animals used by local families and communities.
  • Raising public awareness relating to animal welfare matters and the prevention of cruelty and suffering of animals both wild and domestic.
  • Providing technical advice to governments and others on animal welfare matters.


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