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Leaders of Worship and Preachers Trust

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The Leaders of Worship and Preachers Trust (LWPT) is a Christian charity that endeavours to support preachers and leaders of worship in a number of ways.  The Trustees interpret this as being "The Best for Worship and The Best for Time of Need."  


The charity has a strong Methodist tradition but evolved as a new charity ten years ago and our aim is to be a more ecumenical charity which supports preachers and leaders of worship across many Christian denominations.  Much of our work is sitll in its infancy and we remain truly grateful for our loyal supporters who have remained faithful as we bring our Methodist foundations together with our new wider reaching networks.


LWPT achieves its aims by providing resources, vocational grants and events for those embarking on or those already involved in preaching and leading worship.  Our most notable achievement has been the launch of PREACH magazine; our growing mailing list for this comprehensive quarterly publication reflects its excellent reputation.  Our vocational grant programme is developing steadily and increased numbers of people are successfully applying for support for fees and materials for a wide range of relevant preaching and theological courses.  We currently exhibit at a number of events across the year and sponsor seminars at a wide range of events.  In line with our heritage, we also continue to provide support for those in need via hardship grants particularly for those in later life.

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