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Educational body
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National - England


Larwood Academy Trust is a small trust that makes a big difference. The Trust, formed of two schools - Larwood (mixed primary 93 pupils) and Brandles (boys secondary 70 pupils) - specialises in providing outstanding educational pathways within a nurturing environment for children with social, emotional, mental health needs and behavioural difficulties.

Our Mission 

To provide education and opportunities that change lives. 

 Our Vision 

To be one of the best personalised educational provisions for pupils with special needs in the country.

Our Values

Caring; Understanding; Collabrative; Committed; Ambitious.

We’re going through an exciting period of change which includes new and strengthened governance structures and a new strategy which sets out our plans for immediate consolidation and potential future growth.


Larwood Primary School aims to provide a nurturing environment for children with social, emotional and mental health related issues. We also have pupils with autistic spectrum condition, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder diagnosed as part of their special educational needs. Great emphasis is placed upon staff/pupil relationships with small classes (below 10) and teachers being supported by Learning Support Assistants, to get the very best out of all of our children. As the school is named after the great English bowler Harold Larwood, great emphasis is placed upon hard work, attitude to learning, being a member of a team and trying things which may be different.

Positive reinforcement via our reward system of points is at the heart of our school ethos. Trips, notes home, medals, certificates and raffle prizes help our children to make changes and work within a structure of rules and systems that promote progression and achievement. This also helps everybody keep safe and enables all members of the school community to enjoy themselves

We aim for every child to experience an outstanding education whilst at Larwood School ensuring that they make progress in every area of their development. We will achieve this by:

  • By providing a dynamic and flexible curriculum with emphasis on Literacy, numeracy and creativity. Ensuring that every child has a strong and respectful relationship with the adults that work with them.
  • Providing a safe and secure environment which allows children to relax, have fun and enjoy themselves. All members of The Larwood School community are valued. We ensure that pupils are rewarded for getting things right and we apply consequences when they don’t.
  • By challenging children to succeed in all areas of school life, ensuring that pupils understand that we all make mistakes and that success comes in many forms. This may include improved behaviour, subject progression, and could be related to relationships and trust. All staff will ensure that Hertfordshire Steps is consistently used to engage, modify and aid pupils on their journey of improved progress.
  • By working with other parties to ensure we get the very best out of our children. This includes parents, other professionals such as the Educational Psychologist, Attendance Officer, School Nurse, SEN Officers and Speech and Language specialists.
  • We model the fact that we never stop learning and engender a love of learning for all, as this is vital for our children and us in the ever-changing society that we live in.

Brandles School

Throughout the whole of Brandles School there is a strong emphasis on respect. From the moment a pupil starts at Brandles School we are clear that pupils must respect each other, they must respect the property and most importantly, they must respect themselves.

We have excellent staff. All of our teachers, teaching assistants and support staff work together to ensure that the learning environment is as stimulating and accessible as possible.

The school places a strong emphasis on the individual; all of our pupils have a unique set of circumstances and requirements. Our job is to optimise their potential. Every pupil will have an area of strength, which the staff work hard to identify and then build upon; this in turn improves self-esteem and confidence.

We have numerous links with external providers who focus on developing independence and self belief.

A strong aspect of Brandles is our pastoral care. We have regular contact with parents/carers and pride ourselves on our excellent relationships. We respond quickly to situations and ensure that everyone who needs to know is informed. Many of our pupils have difficulties in their lives and can be very sensitive about their circumstances. Our staff deal with these situations professionally and compassionately.

School Aims and Philosophy

  • To educate the whole person (academic, spiritual, moral and physical), promoting respect for Christian values but recognising and respecting beliefs, needs and achievements of others in our multi-cultural society.
  • To provide a structured and happy environment where each member of the community is valued and secure and where there is a commitment to encouraging individual development.
  • To promote high standards in all areas of life.
  • To encourage self-discipline, self-motivation and self-respect through promoting competition against self and objective standards rather than each other.
  • To provide each child with a broad and balanced curriculum that encourages children to realise their full potential.
  • To foster a lively and varied learning environment adopting teaching styles relevant to each child’s learning.
  • To work in partnership with parents and carers encouraging dialogue in the best interests of their child.

At Brandles School  we  promote self respect, respect for our community and respect for our environment.

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