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Larger Us works to support a new kind of change-maker: one who works towards a shift from ‘them-and-us’ to a ‘larger us’ world.

We do this by working with people who want to change the world for the better - at every level from neighbourhoods to nations - to help them understand more about the links between psychology and politics. 

The approach to change-making that we champion involves:

  • bridging divides rather than deepening them, including through recognising the humanity in ‘the other side’ and what motivates them to act as they do;
  • being adept at reaching out beyond our usual support base to build broader and more durable coalitions for change;
  • recognising how different campaigning and communication strategies ‘land’ in psychological terms, and designing them in ways that bring people together rather than dividing them; and
  • understanding and acting on the personal inner work needed to do this emotionally demanding kind of change-making.


We believe that how we go about making change in the world really matters. All too often change-makers become caught up in the polarisation game themselves, firing up their supporters against a shadowy enemy who must be defeated at all costs. 

Larger Us offers new ways for change-makers to think about their work by asking them to consider five questions:

  1. How do we create belonging through our work?
  2. How can we bridge divides?
  3. How can we appeal to love not fear?
  4. How can we help people to navigate crises?
  5. How can we tell better stories?

Alongside these questions we invite change-makers to consider how their own personal states of mind impact the way they create change.

Our core activities are sharing our ideas through research, our podcast and newsletter; delivering our training programme for change-makers; and bringing people together in events to discuss the key issues around larger us change-making.

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