Ladybrook Enterprises Ltd.

Ladybrook Enterprises Ltd.

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  • Counselling / advice
  • Health and well being / research and care
  • Mental health
  • Older people / later life
  • Social care
  • Training / employment support

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Our charity’s objective is Raising aspirations and promoting opportunities to improve people's lives within Mansfield and District. We do this by providing a range of activities and services in our 5 key areas of work detailed below:

~ Health and Wellbeing ~

We provide a number of services that improve the mental and physical health of participants including a cancer support group, physical exercise sessions (including seated and low impact sessions), counselling sessions and a number of other services which directly impact the health and wellbeing of individuals.

~ Education, Skills and Training ~

We provide a number of opportunities for members of the community to learn new skills. Our current offer, delivered in partnership with a number of local providers, includes Confidence and self Esteem Building courses, craft sessions, and general employment skills training delivered alongside our volunteering programmes. We also include training sessions within all group activities covering subjects such as dealing with grief, healthy relationships, disability awareness and much more.

~ Employment, Support and Empowerment ~

Through our rolling work experience and volunteering programmes we empower people to move on to the next stage in their journey. We have a number of volunteers who are a long way from the work market due to personal barriers and work hard with these individuals to break them down. We provide on the job training in Safer Food Better Business, manual handling, risk assessment and increasing productivity and confidence all designed with the aim of taking someone closer to the job market. We have huge successes in doing this.

 ~ Social and Community ~

We offer a number of opportunities for people to come together in a social setting to make connections with their community and other people within it. We currently hold weekly coffee and chat sessions as well as a weekly social craft groups -  both with the aim of reducing isolation and making people feel like they belong to part of a bigger community. We put on community events throughout the year to encourage wider participation and to give opportunities for coming together to all members of the Mansfield and District community.

 ~ Influence and Shape ~

As a former Neighbourhood Management Team, and from our wealth of experience in the voluntary sector (with specialism’s in education & childcare, health and empowerment and community development) we understand the importance of influencing and shaping change within communities and the structures set up within them. Although we are excellent at being reactive to the hardships and problems faced by our community and providing opportunities to improve the lives of those facing them we strive wherever possible to influence greater social change within our areas to prevent these hardships. We sit on a number of committees in the area and have developed a number of stakeholder meetings of our own to try and change the way public sector departments, as well as other charities and communities themselves operate to give people the best chance possible of improving their lives

By empowering people to improve their lives in the above areas we help to encourage them to be more active in their local and wider communities. Mental and physical health is greatly improved and people develop the skills and knowledge they need to live fulfilled lives


We provide a range of activities and services to support our aims including: 

  • Low Cost Counselling and Coaching 
  • Physical exercise sessions including low impact and seated sessions 
  • Training and support in personal development including confidence building 
  • Social sessions to reduce isolation and its effects 
  • Social eating sessions where people can eat with other members of the community 
  • Cancer Support Group 
  • Singing sessions to improve memory 
  • Community Share offering food and clothing on a pay what you can afford basis 
  • Craft and creative sessions 
  • Support, advice and signposting 

We offer a huge range of sessions all of which are based on empowerment models of building up people and their skills to enable them to become able to take their next steps to improve their lives. For some people this may be small steps to short terms goals and for others these are huge leaps and bounds into services which they never felt they would be able to access. 

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