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Our project addresses the critical state of the health of the bees, focusing on the conservation and protection of honey bees by applying the ancient method of rewilding. We integrated all the available research data and based our conservation strategy on a holistic approach to beekeeping.


We have created the world’s first ever 3D-printed wood log hive, which will effectively provide the bees an opportunity to live in an undisturbed ecosystem in synergy with their seasonal rhythms. Natural nest habitat is the key aspect for preservation and renewal of health and resiliency of honey bees. Therefore, the restoration of natural bee habitat is an essential part of our effort to restore genetic diversity, adaptability, and vitality of honey bees.

Our strategy has been designed around the installation and care for natural apiaries using state-of-the-art 3D printed wooden log hives installed within the higher section of the tree trunk. Not only these artificial hives support nest integrity and emulate natural nest parameters for honeybees, but also research data confirmed the thesis of the extraordinary resiliency and levels of health present in wild populations of honeybees living in these types of hives.

Simultaneously, we will be sharing our know-how via seminars and workshops as our team has an extensive knowledge of the subject and over 100 years combined experience in traditional beekeeping and apitherapy.

Through The LACRIMA Foundation, we are working with local governments and city councils to develop an understanding of how to improve the health of the bees sustainably. In doing so, we aim to make a fundamental difference to beekeeping communities globally by raising people’s consciousness through a holistic approach to beekeeping and thereby reminding about the long-forgotten instincts and the true understanding of intricate interrelationships, and life processes in nature which work in such a wonderful manner.

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