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Kissing it Better’s vision is a world where communities share their ideas and talents to raise the spirits of those who are frail or ill.
Our mission statement
At KIB we are working to achieve that vision in the following ways:
Our vision:

1. We work with communities, hospital trusts and care providers to introduce simple ideas which enhance care for patients and residents while enabling volunteers to broaden their own experience and skills.
2. We harness the creative energies and goodwill of individuals, colleges and local groups to bring to hospitals and care homes activities which gently encourage conversation, create connections, stimulate memory and lift the spirits.
3. We use our website, the media and face-to-face communication to share ideas, highlight concerns and encourage discussion and debate on all aspects of healthcare.


-  work with hospitals and residential homes to introduce sustained and co-ordinated activities which offer stimulation, conversation and companionship to patients and residents. This involves creating dynamic partnerships with colleges, schools and community groups which directly benefit the existing provision of healthcare and enhance patient experience
-  provide education to healthcare staff and management
-  have developed an interactive website for sharing practical ideas and best practice to improve patient experience available to patients, carers and professionals free of charge
-  promote nationally the practical benefits of these ideas to the wellbeing and dignity of patients and residents in support of their clinical and nursing care
-  develop the capacity of communities to interact with and support their local hospitals and care homes
-  provide opportunities for work experience and skill development to volunteers and raise awareness of the sensitive care of the Elderly.

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