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The Kingsley Organisation is a charity, established in 1987, with the aim of supporting disabled adults to fulfil their potential.  For over 35 years have been developing therapeutic and person-centred approaches that underpin a range of innovative programmes that provide support, training and personal development for disabled people. Valuing individual uniqueness and diversity, we base our programmes in community settings with the aim of promoting inclusion, challenging stereotypes and breaking down barriers.   

The Kingsley Centre is our base and a unique place offering personal development for disabled people, alongside community development for local people.  The Kingsley Centre is an established community venue with a village shop, Post Office, coffee shop, and a variety of activities delivered with the involvement of our disabled participants and volunteers.  


Chainreaction provides disabled people the opportunity to explore their own personal development, increasing confidence and independence. Participants are encouraged to explore their experiences, their hopes and fears and their aspirations for the future. 

Participants access a therapeutic group, one to one mentoring, peer support and a programme of both practical and therapeutic activities. There are opportunities to develop independent living skills and support to improve health and wellbeing.

Chainreaction is held in community based venues and we work in small groups and staffing levels are high so that each participant can be supported as appropriate.  We are currently operating at the Kingsley Centre five days a week.                                                                                                                                                                          

The Supported Volunteering Programme provides a ‘world of work experience’ for disabled people wanting to build their self-confidence and employability skills. 

The programme enables disabled people to take up a variety of volunteering roles at the Kingsley Centre including in our village shop, café, Post Office, reception desk, administration, housekeeping, gardening, maintenance. 

Volunteers have a bespoke learning development plan and access to one to one mentoring and can be supported to move into external work experience and eventually paid employment. 

Often similar services are time limited, however we recognise that disabled people learn and acquire skills at different paces and in different ways and our Programme allows people space to develop.

Supported Volunteering is an option available to participants of Chainreaction and likewise supported volunteers have access to our therapeutic activities.

Parent and Carers Support Group.  The inspiration for the Kingsley Centre was that of a parent carer who wanted more for their disabled child and who did not recognise the meaning of 'impossible'. Therefore we have always acknowledged the role of parent carer, and the benefits to both themselves and to the disabled person they support, if they can access advice and guidance. 

The group is an opportunity to meet other parent carers, share experiences and learn from each other. Sometimes speakers are invited to talk on a subject identified by group members. Members of the group receive support to challenge areas of health and social care which are causing concern. 

The group is open to any parent carer in the local area who feels they would benefit from meeting others in a similar situation and who are looking for support and information.




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Hampshire, GU35 9ND

Kingsley Organisation provides support, training and personal development for disabled people. We are looking for a Trustee who can bring their...

Hampshire, GU35 9ND

Kingsley Organisation provides support, training and personal development for disabled people. We are looking a Trustees with business development...