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Key4Life has now been operating as a charity for almost two years and we have completed our first pilot programme.

Through the delivery of our programme our re offending rate is 17% compared to the Government’s 74% and it costs £6,500 to put one person through the programme versus the £65,000 it costs to imprison one young person per year.

We are currently working at HMP/YOI Isis with 14 young men. We are working with several partners on this programme including Heartshore Horses, NLP Bristol, QPR FC, The Songwriting Charity, Universal Music and BT.

We will shortly be starting an exciting new programme in the South West to those at risk of going to prison before looking to roll our programmes out to many more disaffected young people across the country.

The challenge to all of us is to help these young men onto a new path through mentoring, work tasters, and ultimately to assist them in finding and sustaining long-term employment in order to create a new future.


We deliver a refined and robust 7-step model that spans the time before and after our participants’ release from prison. The strength of our programme lies in our unique approach:

- Emotional and behavioural change workshops

- Horses, football, and music

- Working closely with the families of our participants

- Extraordinary mentoring programme

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