Kenyan Children's Project

Kenyan Children's Project

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  • Children / families
  • Human rights
  • International development
  • Local / community
  • Social care

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We are an international partnership protecting children in families and enacting community change.

Our vision is to see every child grow up in a safe and loving family.

The objects of the Charity are, in each case only for the public benefit, and in accordance with Christian principles as set out in the statement of beliefs:

  • To preserve the lives, and promote the health and welfare, of children, including protecting children who have suffered harm or whose lives and security are at risk;
  • The promotion of the human rights of children (as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child) and their parents and guardians;
  • To relieve the needs of, and advance in life, children who have been, or who may be: separated or displaced from their families; living in alternative care situations; who have been or may be adopted, fostered or placed in care;
  • The prevention and relief of poverty, hardship and suffering of children and their families by undertaking or supporting the provision of relief, aid, and development projects by any charitable means whatsoever;
  • To promote the efficiency and effectiveness of organisations and charities whose work will enable the Charity to carry out its objects through the provision of advice, coordination, education and training;
  • The advancement of the development and education of children; and
  • The advancement of the Christian faith, in each case, in all or any part of the world.


We strongly believe that if prevention of separation and family strengthening services are accessible and used, families will be more resilient to withstand the risks that can lead to child–family separation.

Every child should be safe and grow up in families.

Our model protects children and family through crisis, enables restoration and provides sustainable outcomes and promotes child permanency.

All of our programmes are centred around 4 key areas:

  • Prevention
  • Alternative Care
  • Family and Community-Based Services, and
  • Advocacy & Collaboration

When a whole range of high quality family-based alternative care options are available, and if placements into alternative care are made using strong gatekeeping mechanisms, children’s long-term care will be family-based, only done when necessary, meet their individual needs and be temporary in nature whenever possible. All care decisions should have the best interests of the child at the centre.

Families of children in our short-term emergency care facility are traced and assessed, and these children’s cases are carefully managed and supported so that they can be safely reintegrated to live and grow up with their families.

Once these 4 areas are prioritised further and become more refined, more children in Kenya will live safely, happily and sustainably in families and communities where their best interests are served.

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