Karam Yog

Karam Yog

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  • Black, asian and minority ethnic groups
  • Education
  • Training / employment support
  • Young people

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National - Britain


Karam Yog is a registered charity, 1131017, dedicated to delivering quality service for all members of the community. Many of our staff members have been delivering quality service to the community since 1978. Nottingham Teaching College is a part of Karam Yog Charity. This charity was set up by a British Army Officer, in 1860 to help the disadvantaged Dalap (untouchable) and disadvantaged individual, by empowering them by Education and Training. The UK Branch was set up in 1978.

Majority of the staff at Nottingham Teaching College are unpaid volunteers who have decided to give their time to helping out the community.

Nottingham Teaching College is a multicultural organisation which accepts students from all walks of life. We do not discriminate against any gender, nationality, race, spiritual or religious belief, or way of life. This ethos is reflected in our management team, and by the students we teach.


  • Bring the community together, increase cohesion and reduce racial/religious tension.
  • Improve health and wellbeing for those suffering from chronic illness, diabetes, high blood pressure, mental health issues or generally feeling low and poor physical health. We do this via self help groups where each individual can speak freely and share their experiences with others, and receive special input from experts. We regularly run courses and workshops in lifestyle change, healthy cooking, yoga and other physical and mental health classes.
  • Provide quality training and lifelong learning classes for the most disadvantaged members of the community, who can not or will not attend a mainstream college because of a lack of confidence or cultural/religious barriers.

We are a centre approved by several awarding bodies including the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. We deliver courses from Entry to Degree level. We have a good record of success, and our support to learners is immense, with a sizeable number of mentors and tutors available, many of whom are former students of the college who now volunteer with us.

All our volunteers are highly qualified and and most have many years of practical experience.

We do not receive any funding from the LSC or any other Public body. We manage to survive primarily on donations.

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