KAMM Academy Scotland C.I.C

KAMM Academy Scotland C.I.C

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  • Education
  • Training / employment support
  • Women

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Organisation type: 
Not for profit
Geographical remit: 
National - Scotland


KAMM Academy is a social enterprise who work to support marginalised and vulnerable groups by identifying and building skills and confidence and empowering them through imparting knowledge, information and networks to sustain and thrive in employment and self-employment opportunities.

We support individuals to reduce the impact of poverty often experienced by participants, partners and their children through empowering participants to reach their career aspirations through accessible workshops and courses, a positive and supportive community and regulated, robust education including the training of business acumen.

Our mission is to ensure that our beneficiaries are seen, respected and have a voice. Our approach will reduce social isolation promoting self-care, value and mental wellness. These workshops are run in partnership with other wellness experts and are a safe and nurturing space for marginalised communities to make connections, learn vital wellbeing techniques, gain peer to peer support, gain a confident voice and hold space for themselves and one another.

We are also committed to sustainability and offer an accessible way for small wellness businesses to flourish through our studio and space hire. Our unique city centre location has excellent transport links, beautiful period detailing and a community feel, helping to develop and nurture new talent and offer a wealth of expertise under one roof. 


Regulated Courses

Regulated, quality assured courses mapped to the National Occupational Standards and with no
entry level requirements allow learners to achieve a recognised qualification in the beauty


A drop-in workshop space will support those who want to develop employability or wellness skills
but don't have a requirement for formal learning. It will include a programme of classes across
different activities and learning styles to aid skills development and reduce barriers to

Continuous Professional Development

KAMM Academy also intends to run CPD courses for current beauty, hair and wellness
professionals to add to their professional qualifications and upskill them in areas such as business,
customer care, mental health awareness and trans awareness delivered by a team of experts to
further strengthen our graduate's community resolve and business acumen. This will eventually
help to subsidise other projects.

Community Support

KAMM Academy will also work to reduce social isolation, build community and strengthen bonds
through a timetable of "coffee hub" style networking and support groups. These may cover a
range of subjects but will focus on supporting the most vulnerable and marginalised groups.

The Space

KAMM Academy works to reduce their carbon footprint and offer opportunity to other small
wellness businesses through affordable and flexible rental of our space, equipment and furniture.
We also intend to regularly hold community events within the space encouraging community.

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