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National - Britain


JustHelping was established in 2012 with a mission to bring individuals together to volunteer and support their local community.  The JustHelping team comprises the Trustees, a Chief Executive and a small, productive team of staff including volunteers who all contribute to the management of the charity. The charity is guaranteed through philanthropic support until it becomes self-sustaining. We support individuals to help them connect and act together in their local community. We understand that meaningful engagement can have a positive impact on our health and happiness, contributing to a sense of belonging and is a key influencing factor contributing to well-being. A portion of the monies raised through the Christmas tree collection goes back into the community to help smaller charities. 


Our main event is the Christmas tree collection which is a fun, community event raising money through voluntary donations when someone registers their real Christmas tree for collection online. We love collecting and recycling Christmas trees because it engages many volunteers and encourages people to donate to charities. We work with local charities, community organisations, businesses and individuals to support them to bring the Christmas tree collection event to life. We provide access to the website, manage online donations and route planning so that the volunteers can collect the Christmas trees. After the collection, the monies raised after costs are donated to the hospice with a small percentage going to local charities as nominated by the collection volunteers. We recognise the vital role that the hospice plays in our communities and we are proud to support them as a major beneficiary of the monies raised. 

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