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JUMPED UP THEATRE - Creating equality through arts and culture.

IMPACT: Why we exist.

To create social change for Peterborough’s communities, through access to the arts as audience, participants, co-creators and artists, resulting in improved outcomes for health, education, inclusion, social cohesion, economic growth and life-enhancing leisure.

AIM: What we are trying to achieve.

  1. To drive change in the city’s cultural programme to be more successful and relevant.
  2. To increase participation in the arts for those who are excluded due to their socio-economic or cultural background or disability.
  3. To improve the capacity of artists to create new audiences for the arts.



  1. PLATFORM8 THEATRE FESTIVAL / MOVING ROOTS CO-CREATION PROJECT/ HERITAGE PROJECTS A programme of touring and commissioned events which creates new audiences for dance and drama, staged in non-traditional spaces and reimagining existing venues as shared community spaces,  working closely with participants and partners to programme and present work so it is relevant, welcoming and inspiring.
  2. JUMP IN: Participation project which addresses issues of inclusion, social change and cultural capital through peer support for facilitators, upskilling arts and arts organisations, and co-creation with specific community groups such as the Heart & Soul dance workshops.
  3. JUMP UP: A training and development programme for artists and arts organisations to create new audiences and memberships and raise the profile of the arts in the city, such as Scratch Nights and mentoring opportunities.

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