Jubilee Scotland

Jubilee Scotland

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  • Campaigning
  • Environment
  • Financial inclusion
  • Human rights
  • International development
  • Poverty relief

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Jubilee Scotland campaigns for the cancellation of unjust and unpayable debts which continue to thwart sustainable development efforts around the world. We lobby politicians and financial institutions and organise educational events in the UK which promote a fairer system and demonstrate how people can help bring about change. Jubilee Scotland is the only organisation in Scotland which focuses solely on economic justice and the social impacts of economic injustice.


Founded as a continuation of the Jubilee 2000 coalition we are both a charity and a company limited by guarantee. We are a membership organisation with other charities, trade unions and religious groups as members which gives us a good reach across civil society, both for establishing the issues that are important to people and for spreading our message.


In 2019 Jubilee Scotland has been running a campaign against the use of PPPs in Scotland. In 2020, we are focusing on climate debt and gearing up for when the Climate Summit comes to Glasgow in November.  

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