JTWSB Creatives CIC (Williams Creatives)

JTWSB Creatives CIC (Williams Creatives)

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Not for profit
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National - England


Williams Creatives mission is to develop and tour new and published plays with a focus on contemporary plays and musicals. In conjunction with our productions we endeavour to engage with communities and educational institutions to create and deliver workshops. 

 We are a not-for-profit organisation committed to creating work that promotes social cohesion and that is accessible, inclusive, challenging, inspiring and enjoyable. 


The companies objectives will provide benefits to Under-represented performers, performers who need training and guidance to move forward, socially isolated groups with an interest in performance, theatre, writing, acting, dancing, singing, costume making or any other side of the performing arts industry, BAME performers, LGBTQ+ performers, and children and young people with an interest in performing arts in the UK. 

Write, Create, Produce, Perform plays and musical performances 

The community will benefit by having accessible, inclusive opportunities in all aspects of theatre and performing arts productions. Regardless of experience, abilities, social, cultural or economic background. 

We provide opportunities both on stage, in front of the camera and all elements of “behind the scenes,” to give our members opportunities to learn new skills, continue development and, with the aim to provide industry standard coaching and support, enable them to reach their own goals and strive to become professional practitioners in the industry. 

Engage with Communities 

Having the opportunity to take part in affordable and accessible, planned workshops to develop performing arts, interpersonal skills, confidence and wellbeing, regardless of experience, abilities, social, cultural or economic background. 
The provision of performances without charge to benefit and support local community events such as LGBTQ+ Pride Events and Family Christmas Events and have support with the planning and management of such events. Raising awareness of issues affecting the local community and the UK through performance, workshops and wellbeing services.  

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