Johane Masowe Chishanu Apostles (1931)

Johane Masowe Chishanu Apostles (1931)

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  • Faith and ethics

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Geographical remit: 
National - Britain


The objectives are the advancement of religious and Christian faith within UK and the International communities by:

  • Preaching and spreading the work and word of God;
  • Providing spiritual healing to members and non-members;
  • Fulfilling goals as set out by the Holy Spirit;
  • Teaching and encouraging adherence to the Ten Commandments;
  • Encouraging co-operation, fellowship and unity amongst members and the communities;
  • Advancing the spiritual, social and economic wellbeing of members and non-members through educational projects.

The desired impact is that citizens may live their lives to the fullest and remain law abiding while local communities become self-reliant.



In order to meet the organisation’s objectives, the following activities are planned and undertaken:

  • Weekly prayer services;
  • Monthly and annual spiritual healing gatherings;
  • Specially focused annual events;
  • Monthly review meetings and Annual General Meetings;
  • Local community and International Outreach Holy Trips to spread the Word of God.


In addition to the monthly local community outreach activities accomplished by the main regional branches (London, Kettering and Bristol), the organisation has accomplished some International Outreach Holy Trips including:

  • 2008 – Canada
  • 2009 – Irish Republic and Brazil
  • 2010 – Zanzibar, Haiti and Jamaica
  • 2011 – Cuba and British Guyana
  • 2012 – Venezuela and Colombia
  • 2013 – Irish Republic, Portugal and Suriname
  • 2014 - Irish Republic, France and Paraguay
  • 2015 –Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados
  • 2016 – Irish Republic, Grenada, French Guiana and Northern Ireland.


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