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The JMK Trust exists to find and support talented theatre directors around the UK through our annual JMK Young Director Award, Regional Programme and Assistant Director Bursaries.

The JMK Trust was founded in memory of James Menzies-Kitchin, a promising theatre director who died suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 28. Since 1997 the Trust has discovered and nurtured a new generation of visionary young directors whose work and influence can be seen throughout the British theatre industry.

Our vision is that theatre directing in the UK should be open to all, and that diverse potential leaders should be identified and supported, irrespective of their background. We work to identify, support and invest in diverse, promising theatre directors, thus creating future leaders whose impact on the industry may be transformational.


We have 3 core areas of work - our annual JMK Young Director Award, Regional Programme and Assistant Director Bursaries.

The JMK Young Director Award is a unique and invaluable opportunity - it enables its winner to direct a full-scale, fully resourced production with a full production run at an acclaimed London theatre.

Our Regional Programme is delivered around the UK. We have set up groups for young and emerging directors at regional theatres; providing free access to workshops, training and networking opportunities and enabling people to engage with theatre directing where there are limited opportunities.

The Regional Assistant Director Bursary was launched to strengthen this offering, giving regional emerging directors access to practical experience by assisting on a production at their local venue. The project has already led to both applicants and recipients continuing to find new opportunities and develop their careers and we have awarded 41 bursaries so far.

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